Food bloggers share their favourite ways to eat almonds

It’s generally agreed that food bloggers are nuts about food. So when it comes to almonds, we asked some of Australia’s favourite food bloggers how they liked to eat them.

Emma Galloway, My Darling Lemon Thyme

Emma Galloway is a former chef and life-long vegetarian who creates gluten-free and mostly dairy-free recipes to share on her blog, My Darling Lemon Thyme.

Emma is a huge almond fan.

As she puts it, “I eat almonds everyday in one form or another, as a mostly dairy-free vegetarian their protein hit is always a welcome addition to my diet. I make home made almond milk a couple of times a week which we use as our everyday dairy-free milk.”

“Another of my favourite ways to eat almonds is by adding them to raw chocolate slices — see above — along with medjool dates, virgin coconut oil and cocoa powder,” she says.

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Sandra Reynolds, $120 Food challenge

Sandra Reynold is the author of The $120 Food Challengea website and cookbook for people on a budget.

“My number one use for almonds is of course ground as almond meal,” she says.

“Although we often associate almond meal with sweet food, I love it just as well in savoury dishes, especially tapas-inspired foods from the Mediterranean such as a lovely roasted red capscium and almond romesco sauce or in a chilled gazpacho soup.”

“It’s use as a gluten-free superfood gives it unrivalled pulling-power when creating cakes and of course, lets not forget it’s key role in a frangipane like this Nectarine Tart — see above –which beds down seasonal fruit into a wonderful tart,” she says.

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Rebecca Varidel, Inside Cuisine.

Rebecca Varidel is a chef turned food writer who also publishes the internationally popular food blog Inside Cuisine.

“I adore almonds,” Rebecca says. “Almonds are fabulous for celebrations and a must to decorate my Christmas fruit cake.”

“I like to eat them roasted as a snack, and to cook with them for both savoury and sweet dishes. I’m a girl who loves the classics so I’d say my favourite dish is Trout Almondine. If you haven’t eaten it I’d suggest it’s one of those dishes that everyone should try at least once in a lifetime.

“As an eater (rather than a cook) I also had the most fabulous dish with almonds (Cauliflower, Pork Jowl, Almonds) recently in Sydney at Duke Bistro — see above. The cauliflower was the hero and served three ways: roasted heart, puree, and shaved raw. Almonds in brown butter topped this beautiful dish.”

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Christie Connolly, Fig & Cherry

Christie is a food writer, online marketing consultant, recipe developer, blogger (at Fig & Cherry) and mum.

She uses almonds regularly in her cooking and also loves snacking on them.

“You can’t beat ground almonds for a guaranteed moist and luscious cake, like my orange and almond cake — see above — which is one of the most popular recipes on my blog!” Christie says.

“When I’m not simply eating them out-of-hand, I love smothering them in caramel for a delectable almond brittle, while simultaneously praising them for all my gluten-free baking needs and amazing health benefits.”

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